Dehydrating Green Onions: What You Need to Know

dehydrated green onions on spoon
To dry green onions, chop them into small, uniform pieces. Spread them evenly on a baking tray on top of parchment paper or use a dehydrator tray. Leave them for six to eight hours at 95°F on a food dehydrator or three hours at your oven’s lowest temperature until dry. Store them at room temperature in an airtight container for up to a year.

How to Dehydrate Green Onions Guide

There are a couple of different ways to dehydrate green onions, depending on the equipment you have in your home. The first step to dehydrating green onions is to get them prepared!

Preparing the Onions

No matter the method you’re using, you want to ensure your green onions are prepped for dehydration. This will reduce drying time and make the process easier and more successful.

First, wash and strip the bunch of green onions. Chop the root ends off, as these won’t be used.

Next, chop the green onions into small pieces. You must cut your green onions into uniform pieces to make sure that they dry evenly.

The white bulbs at the end are denser than the green parts – to help them dry at the same speed, you can separate these rings by poking something into the center of the chopped-up piece such as a toothpick. This isn’t necessary but can help produce the best results.

Finely sliced green onions in a bowl.
Sliced green onions in a bowl

Dehydrator Tray Method

To dry scallions on a dehydrator, spread the cut vegetables evenly across the trays. If you want to, keep the green and white parts separate, as they have slightly different flavor profiles and can be used in different seasonings.

Leave the green onions to dry for six to eight hours at 95°F. It is possible to dry them for less total time at a higher temperature (most vegetables are dried at 125°F); however, since dried green onions are used more as an herb, it’s better to prepare them like a herb!

Oven Method

If you don’t have a food dehydrator, it’s okay! It’s just as easy to make excellent dehydrated food in an oven.

Set your oven to the lowest temperature possible – for most ovens, this will be around 170°F, though some ovens now have a lower setting specifically for dehydrating.

Lay a sheet of parchment paper over a baking tray, and spread your pre-prepared scallions evenly across it.

Place the baking tray in the oven. It can be helpful to keep the oven door open a crack using a wooden spoon or similar implement. For safety, avoid leaving the oven unattended if you have pets or small children.

Allow the onions to dehydrate, flipping them every hour. It will usually take around three hours of cook time to get them to the correct dryness – the onion flakes should crumble when touched once they are ready.

What is the Best Way to Preserve Green Onions?

My favorite way of preserving green onions is to dehydrate them. Drying green onions is super easy and can be used to create either green onion powder or flakes, both of which work brilliantly as either a garnish or to add flavor to your cooking!

Like other veggies, green onions can be frozen – and, luckily, they don’t require blanching before going into the freezer. Simply chop them up and drop them into a bottle or freezer container and take them out when required.

How Long Does it Take to Dehydrate Green Onions?

It takes roughly six to eight hours to dehydrate green onions if using dehydrator trays or around three hours if dehydrating scallions using an oven. The time it takes may vary depending on the size of the green onions are cut and ambient moisture.

How to Make Green Onion Powder

Green onion powder is an excellent addition to the avid foodie’s spice rack. It works as a delicious seasoning for soups, stocks, stews, sauces, or dips and is a great ingredient to have on hand.

Once you’ve successfully dehydrated your onions, the best way to turn them into a powder is to use a coffee grinder. Food processors can also be utilized but it can sometimes be a struggle to work with small quantities, making the coffee grinder the optimum machine for this task!

You can pulse them to get a coarse chop which you can use if you prefer larger pieces or continue grinding to a fine powder.

dehydrated ground green onions in a spoon with herbs on a table
Dehydrated ground green onions

Do You Blanch Green Onions Before Dehydrating Them?

You do not have to blanch green onions before dehydrating them. Blanching is usually used for larger vegetables, while those used for their flavor (green onions, hot peppers, herbs) do not need to be blanched.

How Many Green Onions Can You Dehydrate at Once?

The amount of green onions you can dehydrate at any one time depends entirely on how much space you have in your oven or dehydrator trays!

If you have the room, you can dehydrate as many scallions as you want. However, you want to ensure that the chopped pieces are laid evenly across the trays – if any are covered, they won’t dry as well.

Dehydrated green onions also have a relatively potent flavor – you often don’t need a lot to have a strong impact! Due to this, it’s uncommon to dehydrate more than a single bunch of green onions at a time.

Rehydrating Green Onions

The best way to rehydrate green onions is to drop them into a bowl full of boiling water and leave them to soak!

This method is excellent as once your scallions are rehydrated, you are left with a lovely broth that can be utilized like a stock to add onion flavor to your cooking.

Storage and Shelf Life of Dehydrated Green Onions

Once you’ve successfully dehydrated your onions, it’s time to store them. The best way to do this is by placing them into a shelf-stable, airtight container. Mason jars are always a great option for food storage – not only are they functional, but they add a lovely rustic touch to your kitchen’s look!

Properly stored in a tight container at room temperature, dehydrated green onions have a shelf life of up to a year.

5 Exciting Ways to Use Dehydrated Green Onions

Southwest Chicken Chili

Dried green onions are a brilliant addition to chillis for adding a little oniony taste. Try throwing a pinch into this delicious chicken chili to elevate the recipe to the next level!


Spring onions add a beautiful texture and flavor to many salads. Rehydrate your preserved scallions and throw them into this excellent recipe for a Mediterranean egg salad.

Green Onion Dip

Green onion dip is a fantastic addition to any spread for tailgating, parties, or nibbles. You can either rehydrate the scallions or use dried green onion powder!

Potato and Spring Onion Soup

This is a delicious, heartwarming, and healthy soup full of nutritional value. Having dehydrated green onions pre-made cuts down on the prep time.

Green Onion Casserole

This vintage dish is from a 1955 gourmet magazine and yet remains popular! Add a touch of class to your dinner parties with this classic recipe.

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